The Salvation Army, Barrie Citadel

Walk Thru The Old Testament – OT Live Event


Mark your calendar:

Join us for Walk Thru The Bible – OT Live presentation by Major Jack Strickland.
This is a three hour event – Tickets $20.00 in advance
9:00 am to Noon

Christians around the world are desperate for the inspired Scriptures, but for most in Canada, the Bible sits unread & collecting dust.

Did you know 58% of churchgoers don’t read the Bible or only read it a few times a year?

ALMOST SIXTY PERCENT! And of Americans that read the Bible, only 11% have read all of it.

92% of households own at least one copy of the Bible. And online, the Bible is available for free in almost any desired form.

So, in spite of easier and broader access, biblical engagement is actually declining. In the ’80s, occasional Bible reading was at 73%. Now, it sits at 40%.

And, Gen Z (1999-2015) is the first generation primarily unaware of what the Scriptures say. Their lack of knowledge is easily manipulated by the New Atheism’s skeptics and cynics.

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